Day to Night Makeup

For the day time makeup keep it simple.  You will want to prep your skin with a primer then a long wearing foundation.  Also, a concealer if you feel the need for it.  Fill in your eyebrows with a soft pencil with feathery strokes.  You will want to leave the eyelids plain, just coat your lashes with mascara.  For the cheeks put a matte bronzer from your temples along your cheekbones.  Take your favorite blush and apply to the apples of your cheeks and blend into the bronzer.  The lips you will want something with subtle color.  Now you are all done for the day look.

For the night time makeup you will add on to from the day time look.  Now, you will apply eye shadow and create a brown smokey eye.  If you wish to have a stronger contour then add more bronzer.  Only thing left now is to add a lipstick on and gloss on top of it.

Down below I have some products listed that I like.

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