Here are the products I used in this video and the links to them.


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Beauty Tips

Here are some tips to help out.

  • Before you throw away products that are in plastic tubes, cut them open and get what is left.  You can use a small container to put the remaining product.
  • Ever wonder how to clean eye shadows?  Pour rubbing alcohol in a spray bottle and then spray the eye shadows with it.  Take a cotton ball and wipe clean.
  • To clean false lashes all you need is a spoolie brush and rubbing alcohol.  Carefully run the spoolie through the lashes to get off old glue and makeup.  This way it wont ruin the lashes and they last longer.
  • You can store lipsticks, nail polish, and perfumes in the refrigerator to make them last a little longer.
  • Clean makeup brushes by using baby shampoo and olive oil.  Put the brush under the running water and put olive oil then baby shampoo.  Rinse thoroughly and lay them flat to dry off.



Here are the products I used in my YouTube video.  They are in order from the first to last thing I used.  I only do not have the brushes down below, as a lot of them are random ones I have had over the years.

Here is the link to my video:

How Long To Keep Makeup


Have you ever wondered how long you should keep your makeup products?  They never say how long they last and stay good.  Well, I will let you know.

  • Powders (like blushes, bronzers, shadows, & so on): 2 years
  • Creams (like shadows, blushes, & bronzers): 12-18 months
  • Oil free foundation: 1 year
  • Cream foundation: 18 months
  • Concealers: 12-18 months
  • Lipstick and lip liners: 1 year
  • Lip gloss: 18-24 months
  • Pencil eyeliner: 2 years
  • Liquid and gel liner: 5 months
  • Mascara: 6 months



Trends change all the time no matter what is it.  For this moment lipsticks that are brown are in.  I believe if you are fair to medium skin color then get one that has a berry undertone.  For darker skin colors get one that has a plum undertone.  My personal favorite is Whirl my Mac.  Which this color lipstick should work for every skin tone and color.

The Myths And Truths About Foundation


Myth: That beauty counter mirrors have the best light for seeing foundations.

Truth: You will want natural lighting to see the foundation, to make sure it matches.

Myth: The more shades a foundation has, the easier it is to find your color.

Truth: Everyone skin color and undertones are different.  So just because your friend finds their shade in a certain brand does not mean you will.  Plus, foundations that have a lot colors are often more opaque than brands that have less shades.  Less opaque means the shade will work for a wider range of skin tones.

Myth: The best way to test a foundation is to put it on the back of your hand.

Truth: You will want to test the shade is right under your cheekbone and blend downwards.  This way you can see if the color blends into the skin on your face and neck.

Myth: If you do not know your skin undertones, you will never find the right shade.

Truth: Either way you want a warm-yellow base foundation.  This will correct the redness and add radiance.  Unless you are porcelain, you will then want a pink-based foundation.

Myth: There is only one foundation for you.

Truth: Nope, of course you will find multiple foundations for you shade.  You may end up liking one brand over the other for the formula or price.  Go with what works for you.

Red Lips


Some people are scared to wear a bold red lip.  I say do it!  Red lips will go with anything you wear and can even put the entire outfit together.  You can get one from the drugstore or high end brand, depends on how much you want to spend.  There are different finishes of the lipsticks you will find from matte, creamy, shiny, and liquid lipsticks.  Everyone has a favorite, so try it out and see which one you like the best.  I personally like matte lipsticks, because they tend to last the longest.  No matter what color skin or undertone you have you will be able to find a perfect red lipstick for you.

My go to red lipstick:

Makeup Trends


Makeup trends can get a little crazy sometimes, but try it out and see if it is for you.  You may end up liking it more than you think.

  • Bold Brows: When filling in your brows make sure to follow your natural shape to not go overboard.  Start off with feathering strokes to fill in than brush them.  Also, at your brow bone finish look off with a highlighter.
  • Contouring: For this you can either use a cream or powder for the bronzer, blush, and highlighter.  First put the bronzer under the cheekbones, temples, jawline, and now blend.  For blush put onto the apple of your cheeks.  The highlighter goes on top of the cheekbones and the bridge of your nose.
  • Full lips: Over lining your lips is big right now, but learn to do it the right way.  Find a lip liner close to your natural lip color.  Make sure you do not over line all over, just places where you need it.  Adding a lip gloss on top of the liner.  This will make the lips look fuller and a lot more natural.

My Favorites

Brows: Brow Power® Universal Eyebrow Pencil Travel Size – Brows – Free Shipping $25 | It Cosmetics

Bronzer: Chocolate Soleil Matte Bronzing Powder – Too Faced

Blush: Makeup Geek Blush Pan – Spell Bound – Makeup Geek Blush Pan – Blushes – Face

Highlighter: Becca x Jaclyn Hill Shimmering Skin Perfector® Pressed – Champagne Pop – BECCA | Sephora

Lips: Nyx Cosmetics Slim Lip Pencil Cabaret – Cosmetics, Fragrance, Salon and Beauty Gifts  (color: natural)

Revolution High-Color Lipgloss – Urban Decay | Sephora (color: kinky)