1920’s Fashion

Fashion in this time was really different from now.  The dresses for women were at mid calf length and very loose all around.  They did not hug anywhere on the body.  There was a lot to textures, patterns, and colors.  As for coats and jackets had trims of fur on it, to show wealth.  Hats were a statement piece needed for everything you wore.  Girls would have a bobbed or cropped haircut.  Wearing a pleated skirt with a loose belted jumper and a cardigan became the everyday look for women.  For shoes they had small heels that would lace or button up and was closed toe.  Almost nothing is the same from today’s fashion, but it is constantly changing.





Cherry Red


If you are someone who loves to make a statement then the color cherry red is for you.  By wearing this color, all eyes will be on you.  Be bold and get into the spotlight.  You may think of the color red for Christmas or Valentines day, but it is for year around.  There are other colors that go with it, so you will not look like a holiday.  For example black, gray, white, brown, pink, orange, and more.  The cherry red color could be a purse, shirt, shoes, a dress, a skirt, or anything really.  I say do not be afraid to take a chance with such bold colors.  You will stand out and be unique with it.  Get a pattern dress and with a cherry red coat it will pull it all together.  If you love wearing neutrals then wear an all black outfit with a touch of cherry red.  A dash of red will still make it stand out.  Take a chance in the fashion world!

Hollister Outfit

This is an outfit I put together all from Hollister. It is very simple and basic with neutrals.  The black little boots are perfect for Fall time.  As for the shirt you could honestly do any of the four colors they offer.  Depends on what you like and what sizes are available. Here is the links to everything for the outfit below.

  1. Necklace:  http://www.hollisterco.com/shop/us/p/shine-moon-statement-neckline-5932096_01
  2. Jeans:  http://www.hollisterco.com/shop/us/p/hollister-crop-jeans-5180676_01
  3. Boots:  http://www.hollisterco.com/shop/us/p/steve-madden-draft-bootie-5485077
  4. Shirt:  http://www.hollisterco.com/shop/us/p/bare-back-tank-5576077_01

Fashion Buying Tips


When buying new clothes, sometimes it can be a challenge from finding nothing you like to nothing has your size or not having enough money.  So here are some tips:

  • If you do not love something from the moment you see it than do not buy it
  • Go shopping when sales are going on; you get more for your money
  • If there is something expensive you want than save up
  • If you can not see yourself wearing it than do not buy it….no reason to waste money
  • You do not have to follow what everyone else is wearing. It is fashion so express yourself and enjoy what you have on
  • Always have a budget when going shopping.  Otherwise, you could end up buying and spending a lot more
  • If you are unsure about something you like, go shopping with someone to get their opinion on the item
  • Have a variety of clothing in your closet, from causal to dressier items.  Never know when you may need it

Outfit Of The Day

photo 1photo 2

This is what i decided to wear today, very simple.  I have on a floral tank top, orange knit sweater, jeans, and boots.  Down below I have links for this outfit.  Sadly I could not find the tank top or sweater, but there are other links for what I think will go perfect with the boots.

boots: http://www1.macys.com/shop/product/style-co.-jamila-zip-booties?ID=1935206&CategoryID=25122#fn=sp%3D1%26spc%3D1107%26ruleId%3D%26slotId%3D2

jeans: http://www.hollisterco.com/shop/us/girls-super-skinny-jeans/hollister-super-skinny-jeans-987469_01

shirt: http://www.forever21.com/Product/Product.aspx?BR=f21&Category=top_tank-tops&ProductID=2000096485&VariantID=

sweater: http://www.forever21.com/Product/Product.aspx?br=F21&category=cardigan&productid=2000060578