New Puppy

I recently got a puppy as an early Christmas gift.  He is a siberian husky and is all white with brown eyes.  I love him so much already.  He was born on October 10th, 2015 so he is about 10 weeks old at this point.  I decided to name him Trooper.  I had a list of tons of names that I picked from.  For example I had: Mayday, Aspen, Storm, Oakley, Remi, King, and so much more.  I plan to make him an emotional support and therapy dog too.  Within the next few weeks he will be starting puppy classes for socialization and basic obedience.  Once, he is older maybe around 5 months or so I want to do agility or protection training with him.  I am sure he will enjoy either for learning and exercise.  Below I have Pictures of him….soon I will have a youtube video for him.


How Dogs Help With Anxiety & Depression


Dogs can help in many ways with anxiety and depression.  They help release hormones like serotonin, oxytocin, and stop too much of cortisol.  Serotonin is a hormone that makes you happy and without enough of it you can feel depressed or anxious.  Oxytocin is known as the love hormone; as it is released by hugging or cuddling.  This can help someone relax and not feel so anxious.  Cortisol is released when you are mentally stressed.  By having too much it will become unhealthy and cause depression and anxiety.  Of course there are more hormones that helps, but those are just three of them.  Here below is a list of things dogs do to help.

  1. Dogs will make you get out of the house by needing exercise.  Then you can not isolate yourself from the world.
  2. By having a companion always there for you.  Dogs are very loyal and will simply love you.
  3. When petting or cuddling with your dog, this will help with anxiety and depression.  Of course the dog will love it too.
  4. They help cope with life problems.  Instead of stressing on something 24/7 a dog can get your mind off of it and do something else.
  5. You have to take care of the dog, so being depressed you could feel important and wanted then.
  6. A dog will know when you are not feeling good from being sick to upset to sad.  This helps you feel understood by someone and maybe have a relaxing day with the dog.
  7. Even being in a horrible mood I am sure they can make you smile.

Puppy Starter Kit


Puppies are a lot of work, so before you get one make sure you have the time for them.  Once you decide to get one, you will need to get certain items.  The puppy starter kit is things you will want to have for the puppy.  Everything down below will depend on how much you have to spend and how big the breed of your puppy will become.