New Puppy

I recently got a puppy as an early Christmas gift.  He is a siberian husky and is all white with brown eyes.  I love him so much already.  He was born on October 10th, 2015 so he is about 10 weeks old at this point.  I decided to name him Trooper.  I had a list of tons of names that I picked from.  For example I had: Mayday, Aspen, Storm, Oakley, Remi, King, and so much more.  I plan to make him an emotional support and therapy dog too.  Within the next few weeks he will be starting puppy classes for socialization and basic obedience.  Once, he is older maybe around 5 months or so I want to do agility or protection training with him.  I am sure he will enjoy either for learning and exercise.  Below I have Pictures of him….soon I will have a youtube video for him.


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