Beauty Tips

Here are some tips to help out.

  • Before you throw away products that are in plastic tubes, cut them open and get what is left.  You can use a small container to put the remaining product.
  • Ever wonder how to clean eye shadows?  Pour rubbing alcohol in a spray bottle and then spray the eye shadows with it.  Take a cotton ball and wipe clean.
  • To clean false lashes all you need is a spoolie brush and rubbing alcohol.  Carefully run the spoolie through the lashes to get off old glue and makeup.  This way it wont ruin the lashes and they last longer.
  • You can store lipsticks, nail polish, and perfumes in the refrigerator to make them last a little longer.
  • Clean makeup brushes by using baby shampoo and olive oil.  Put the brush under the running water and put olive oil then baby shampoo.  Rinse thoroughly and lay them flat to dry off.

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